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Possible: The Decline of Evangelicalism March 11, 2009

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Internet Monk Michael Spencer has an intriquing article at the Christian Science Monitor, which is due to also be published in this week’s hardcopy edition.  Spencer presents an insightful, if disturbing, view of how the future landscape of evangelicalism may appear within a few generations.  His commentary is further supported by articles such as this.   Modern evangelicalism, as Spencer also points out, is quite top-heavy with materialism, and the natural pressures that bear upon such competing worldviews are now a common part of the evangelical culture, i.e., in music, publications. 

As more and more Americans say “none” when noting their religious preference, will the simple gospel message be given as an answer?  Modern evangelicalism has certainly moved way beyond that depth of response.  The gospel simply hasn’t been enough to satisfy.