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On Darwin and why he is now a Creationist February 12, 2009

Posted by G.L. Campbell in Uncategorized.

darwin_charles_2With what many are naming a celebration of Darwin’s birthday upon us, I’m linking below some sites refuting the theory of common descent.  Fox News has a few reports on Darwinism today.  In one, this is noted:

Among weekly churchgoers, only 24 percent said they believe in evolution, while 41 percent do not and 35 percent have no opinion.

Inversely, 55 percent of those who seldom or never attend church expressed belief in evolution, while 11 percent do not, and 34 percent have no opinion.. 

As a Christian, and seeing from the evidence that Biblical Christianity is the most reasonable answer to the meaning of life and the truth of eternity, I posit that as Darwin is now dead, he is now a creationist by default and joins the majority of regular churchgoers’ opinion. 

Discovery Institute has good material for further consideration:

The Problem of Evidence (discussing the philosophical nature of Darwin’s theory)

Darwin’s Birth Day (addressing the theory’s validity in light of irreducible complexity)

Darwin, Intelligent Design, and Freedom of Discovery (deals with the unsettling disposition of darwinians to stifle critical thought and study)



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