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Obama’s Novel Definition of “Unity”? Attack Rush Limbaugh January 24, 2009

Posted by G.L. Campbell in Philosophy, politics.
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Thinking rightly doesn’t always come easily.  Often, past influences have helped to shape a perspective that varies from an allegiance to truth.  Case in point: President Obama’s pronouncement yesterday to Republican leaders that, “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.” 

So, let’s attempt to puzzle this out.  The President, who claimed just a few days previous that, “On this day, we gather because we have chosen … unity of purpose over conflict and discord,” has himself now chosen conflict and discord in casting down the gauntlet, charging conservative congressional leaders to not listen to a particular radio personality.  The logic is inescapable.  President Obama says, “we are unified” in one breath and in another he redefines that “unity” to simply mean this: do what I want and we’ll all get along.  This isn’t leadership.  This isn’t presidential.  This isn’t any attempt to choose “unity … over discord.”  This is simply the game of bully politics. 

He may be the President of all of America, but that same America is made up of a healthy electorate that agrees with much that Rush Limbaugh says.  It is saddening that the President would attempt to sway others, not by the strength of his own ideology, but by attacking a free market thinker such as Rush Limbaugh or any other entertainer.  And this is a serious concern.  President Obama may have simply meant that conservative political philosophy is opposed to his own ideals and that is problematic given the time-frame in which he would like to see things accomplished, and there wouldn’t have been a peep of news about it; we know the ideologies don’t mesh.  But to say, “You can’t listen to [fill in the blank]…,” appears to mean something much more sinister.  It speaks to a mindset that belies the campaign rhetoric where good ideas from all corners were to be considered.  Apparently, the truth is that only ideas from the left corners are to be considered … conservatives need not apply.  Saddening indeed, but not entirely unexpected.

So, let’s hope that the President will drop the hype and jargon, drop the redefinition of terms to meet his agenda, and simply tell the truth.  He is a liberal intent on enacting socialism as the defining political philosophy of America.  Conservatives, in being true to their consciences, will not and cannot be unified with the President until he abandons his experiments in socialism.  And this is the way it should be.  Let the arguments from both ideologies have at it, and let the best argument win the hearts and minds of America.  But to command allegiance to an ideology by pointing a finger of contention at a single, free market thinker, is not an argument; it is an embarrassment and far removed from the argument and debate which should be necessary in our present form of government to reach majority consensus. 

The conservative consciences of elected leaders must not be demanded to abandonment.  In the poignant words of Martin Luther, “to go against conscience is neither right nor safe” for one’s heart and mind.  Let’s hope the White House understands this in the days to come and instead moves to the common understanding of “unity” in its rhetoric, a unity that can only be won by argumentation and debate, just as America’s founders intended … just as wisdom demands.


Rush Limbaugh responds to President Obama’s remarks.



1. Ted - January 24, 2009

WTF, at least El Rushbo is constitutionally qualified to be President!

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